Welcome to our feedback page, where we share stories sent to us by the Sacred Space community, people just like you! To mark our 25th Anniversary, we are including feedback from the launch of Sacred Space and messages from people who played a key role in the life of Sacred Space, like Bishop Alan McGuckian.

We’d love to hear about the role that Sacred Space has played in your life. If you’d like to share your story and what Sacred Space means to you, please fill out our feedback form.

Birthday Message from founders of Sacred Space

Fr Peter Scally and I met together last month for the first time in ages and we reminisced. We especially remembered Ash Wednesday 1999. It was the day Sacred Space was born. Over the previous few days we had emailed contacts all over the world, we had sent out press releases trying to spark the interest of journalists in the amazing notion of people praying in front of their computers for Lent. It was so novel that Sacred Space was on the front pages of a number of papers, and Peter and I spent much of Shrove Tuesday evening talking to different radio stations.

On Ash Wednesday over 1,000 people prayed with us on Sacred Space. By the time we reached the office, there were already a few hundred. That told us that people from Australia and points west of there had already been there. Every time someone clicked “Amen” the counter moved. Already people were doing the maths in their heads. “During these few minutes that I’m sitting here in Dublin praying with today’s scripture, there are dozens doing the same thing elsewhere.” The Sacred Space community was born.

The next day the emails started to arrive: “I’m praying with Sacred Space in Glasgow and I can’t believe how effective it is.” “I’m a Methodist from Belfast and I love praying with the scriptures in this way.” “Lusaka calling!” From the beginning, people felt part of a universal community of prayer, thrilled to be united in this new way.
In the coming days, more personal Sacred Space stories emerged. For example: “My little girl died two years ago and since then I haven’t felt able to return to my church on Sundays. Praying at Sacred Space has allowed me to be present without being seen. Now I feel ready and next Sunday I’m going back to church for the first time.”

Sitting in our office in Dublin we were astounded at the wonderful things God was doing in people’s lives all over the world through the Word being carried in this new way. It all felt so dynamic. Our team began to grow. Fr Gerry Burke, a veteran of the mission in Japan arrived home to Ireland and developed Living Space as a way to reach out to people in new and diverse ways. Róisín Pye joined the staff around the time we began developing ways of getting people to spread the news through parish bulletins and other outlets.

Spreading the news about Sacred Space became our big challenge. So, for Lent 2000 we decided on a PR campaign using the sides of Dublin buses. Peter came up with a brilliant line, stretching along the side of the double-decker buses: Praying is PC As soon as the buses appeared on the streets of Dublin the phones in the office started hopping. RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster wanted to know what it was all about, then the BBC World Service and finally Reuters. Thanks to the Reuters connections we started getting new Sacred Spacers arriving from remote islands in far off seas who had read about the site on their local paper.

St Patrick’s Day 1999 saw the launch of the Irish language version. That was a proud day for us in Dublin. When Sophia Andrade in Portugal saw a second language involved she shot off an email; “why not a Portuguese version?” “Why not indeed!” The Portuguese showed the way and the Sacred Space family is now truly an answer to the tower of Babel.
I leave off the story there… everyone who reads this can pick it up at their own point of entry. It’s such a joy to know that Jesus, the Word of God, reveals himself to us in this Sacred Space community scattered throughout the world, in such a gentle and powerful way. Thanks be to God.

Bishop Alan McGuckian SJ

Feedback from 2024

Sacred space does two things. Each morning I put up sacred space on my computer to start the day. The daily readings are then interpreted by you, to act as pointers to the day. Then listening, albeit imperfectly, to the Lord, my God, through the Holy Spirit, they speak to me as I read the text. By this I mean we share our love for each other: this love has been restored to me as it was lost through damage done by me and for me in relationships.
Shall I tell you what was given in imaginative contemplation of my new found relationship with the Lord ?
It is as follows, my Lord, whom I love, is lying on the ground in the garden of gesthemane alone, because his disciples have gone to sleep. I come down in awe, gingerly, to his side. I am afraid to touch him who was sent to redeem us by the Trinity, to save us. I set ‘self’ aside I dare to approach him, to place my arm around him and hug him as he suffers. The warmth of us, our bodies, melts my heart. He draws me to believe, as he comes to understand that it is not his will, nor mine, but that of the Father, to pray, “ not my will but Thy Will be done’’. Understanding the grandeur of the Our Father, praying alongside you , interpreters of our Sacred Space , enlightens our loads and burdens and reaches out to that Hope which springs eternal.
Thank you for being led to the site every day. United Kingdom

I discovered Sacred Space online when I was searching for a spiritual connection to God. Following Covid, I finally decided that I would not return to the Church because of its discrimination against women in saying Mass and holding other offices. Sacred Space has been my companion since, deepening my faith and helping me in my daily journey to God. Thank you. Ireland

My deepest gratitude is offered to Sacred Space for the manner in which it continually raises me up and helps me to realise how much God loves me each and every minute, even when I fail in so many things. United Kingdom

My sister introduced me to Sacred Space at least 20 years ago and it has become a lovely and most welcome start to my day. I use the app when I am away on vacation. The strong community of Catholics and other Christians gives me hope for a strengthening in faith in this world, which we need now more than ever. I appreciate the thoughts on the Gospel readings and love that the Chapels are places we can all pray for one another. I ask God to bless the creators and workers of Sacred Space and everyone who visits that we and this world may be blessed and strengthened in the love, faith and blessings of Our Almighty every loving God. Thank you, Sacred Space. United States

Sacred Space has been a value resource to hold me in my prayer. The gentle prompts help my recollection and give me helps to open my mind to God’s interaction with me. United States

I first discovered Ignatian spirituality when I returned to the Church post Vatican 2. This gave me everything I was missing from the institutional Church at that time. 25 years ago I became part of Manresa Link an ecumenical network in the Midlands that consisted of trained prayer guides giving retreats in daily life to anyone who wanted them. At the same time Sacred Space became available for us to use and pass on to folk when they had finished their retreat. Besides using the site daily I am using the format for a beautiful group of elderly people in a nursing home a friend and myself visit. They too find it life giving. I am pleased to hear the scripture thoughts and explanations is being reviewed as I have found these to be rich food for thought and discussion in small groups intertwined with various ways of praying the Ignatian way. Thank you to all concerned for this very Sacred Space. United Kingdom

Sacred Space provides counselling, comfort, challenge, forgiveness, and so many other graces that give me strength for each day. Thank you so much. United Kingdom

Please thank everyone associated with this marvelous spiritual site. My wife and I have been blessed to use this site for the past 20 years. It sets the tone for our day and provides us insight into the scriptures! God bless you all and keep you in his Loving Care, for eternity! United States

Blessings on your 25 anniversary … this has been my sacred space through 25 years of graduations, marriages, births, deaths and all the joys and sorrows in between. Thank You Canada

I have used Sacred Space for the past 7 years as a valued part of my prayer life. Australia

Sacred space has been a great blessing in my life. I use the reflection daily. I especially love the gratitude series and would like to have it left on the web ste forever. I love ignition spirituality. It has been a wonderful help in my prayer life. United States

I started using the sacred space as a young teacher working in Belfast. A priest at mass told me , along with the congregation about it and from the first time using it I thought it was a great way to pray. I’ve been using ever since … nearly 20 years now. Every year I buy the book version for my 6 siblings and my mum and they love it too. I feel connected using sacred space and my faith has been enriched. I really appreciate the effort that goes into it and thank God for the people behind it. I love the retreats and in particular the practical approach taking this year in the lent retreat. Using the sacred space is an amazing way into prayer and as it is always available (just like God) be it on the train (I now live in Dublin), at home, on the beach whenever, it’s a gentle nudge towards God and what a lovely community to be part of. Thanks. Ireland

Feedback from April 1999

I am an Anglican from the English midlands. I would like to thank you for creating this site. I discovered it through an American site dealing with issues of social justice during the second week of Lent and have used it regularly since then. I have also recommended it to a number of colleagues. Although I have used the site for my own prayer since the early part of Lent it is only now that it is really beginning to shape my own prayer. Perhaps at first I thought it was a good way to grab a few moments of prayer when I switched on my computer. Perhaps I thought it was a bit gimmicky and that I could just play with it. Now I am starting to become aware of its depth. It is even starting to transform my computer! I want to continue to use the site. I also want to make it known to the contacts I meet in my daily work in industry. It is the best I have seen on the internet and I think you are offering something very rich indeed.

I can’t let the Guardian take all the praise. The Tablet published your website in January or February and that enabled me to be with you from Ash Wednesday. The journey has been a spiritual reawakening for me and I attended mass on Easter Sunday for the first time in several years. Thank you.
Lincolnshire, UK

Thank you so much for Sacred Space. I go to it every day. I’ve been going through some bad times, but it has helped me. I hope you can keep it going.
Florida, USA

Many thanks for this wonderful idea – I read about it in The Guardian on Saturday. I’m a religious studies teacher and will use it with some of my older students (as well as for my personal use). As many schools in the UK are getting put on the internet this could be a great opportunity for Catholic schools in particular as it is often difficult to get youngsters interested in prayer. I will let you know how I get on.
Croydon, UK

I read about your web site in The Guardian on Saturday. I find it a great blessing. I am Christian. I worship in an Evangelical Anglican church. I am blessed by the different insights into the great and wonderful God and our Lord Jesus Christ that come from your tradition. Thank you and congratulations.

Just to say thank you. I am a spiritual director and I have recommended this web page to all my directees. Many of them are using it. I am also using it in several groups I facilitate. Thanks again.
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Please continue after Pentecost. Without wishing to seem greedy, have you considered a separate sacred space for primary school-age children? Thank you for a light in the darkness.
London, UK

I am a “late twentysomething” who has fallen away from the Church and not been to Mass in about three years. I read about your site in Saturday’s Guardian and thought I’d try it. When I did I surprised myself by finding that I was engaging in contemplative prayer for the first time in years. Please consider keeping it going beyond Pentecost – it has definitely reawakened my spiritual life, and I’m sure others must have found the same.
London, UK

Thank you for a wonderful site. I found your pages from reading an article in The Guardian. Please keep this venture going.
Birmingham, UK

Thanks so much for continuing the daily prayer site after Easter. I try to start each morning with the reflections /prayer suggested by your wonderful site. I hope that you will keep the site going year ’round. Merci beaucoup.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I am a Methodist lay preacher hoping to enter the ordained ministry. Please keep Sacred Space going. The Internet provides a uniquely well-structured environment for this kind of prayer, allowing users to ‘dip in deeper’ at any point by following links. One can’t do this so well by reading from a book; one has to skip over chunks of text, which spoils one’s flow.
Derby, UK

Thank you for the courage you have shown in getting this particular site up and running. I’ve been using it since the beginning of Lent. Long may it continue to nourish people from all over the world.
Manchester, UK

I just discovered ‘Sacred Space’ from today’s Guardian Newspaper (even the name of the newspaper is suggestive!). I am delighted to find such an inspiring oasis in the midst of the internet. Thank you for enriching my day! Go raibh mile maith agaibh go leir!
Oxford, UK

I teach French in a Catholic Comprehensive, and found the site courtesy of The Guardian. Why keep the site going? ….. It FEELS right, it is a good thing and is a wonderful antidote to so many not-so-good sites…. You can’t let the Devil have all the good tunes!
Tyne and Wear, UK

Thank you for this wonderful guide to prayer. I have been using it nearly every day since the second week of Lent, and I find it solves the problem of finding the right time, and the right Scripture to pray with. Sacred Space has brought me back into the right rhythm. Thank you for what I hope will be a continuing service.
London, UK

Just a note to say what a wonderful opportunity I have in spending each day before my computer either at home or at the office in prayer. I never thought that I would be using my computer in this fashion. But it is truly a joy and a time of peace. One of the greatest rewards is to realize how many others I am joining in meditative prayer. Pilgrims like myself wanting to nourish his or her relationship with the Lord and with one another. Thank You!
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Thanks so much for Sacred Space. Believe it or not my children introduced it to me and I have been praying with you since the beginning of Lent. It has certainly added to my Easter Joy. I look forward to praying with and for those around the world each day. Please continue for years and years to come. Thanks again for the joy you brought into my life.
Pennsylvania, USA

I discovered your site with God’s help at the beginning of lent when I was looking for something special to do. My lenten change was to spend time praying at the beginning of every work day – to put things in perspective. It is a wonderful and inspirational way to bring God into the workplace and I ask you to keep the site running permanently. Thank you.
Maryland, USA

Many thanks for the Sacred Space site. I am a student here at Lancaster and it has been a real blessing to be able to have some space in the middle of all the essays and dissertations – I often visit the site as a break from work whilst in the library – it is so refreshing and is a source of new life and peace in the middle of the chaos! Please keep it going!!
Lancaster, UK

When I have a quiet moment in the office, say during lunch hour, or at the end of the day, I turn to the Sacred Space page, and find it most calming. Praying is not always, but this site surely makes it easier for me. I am recommending this site to colleagues and friends, as if I am spreading the Good News.
Hong Kong

I have been praying with you since the 3rd week of Lent, and thank you for this opportunity to unite my prayers with everyone else praying on this site. This experience has helped me to grow closer to the Lord. Thank you for this ministry, and please continue beyond Pentecost.
Long Island, N.Y., USA

Thank you for your Lenten prayer site. We were told about you by the Irish Christian Life Community, and our fledgling groups here in New Zealand/Aotearoa have been praying with it. Please make it a permanent fixture!
New Zealand

I am a retired Anglican vicar. (1) Please may I thank you for Sacred Space which is just what I need at the moment. (2) I have told quite a few people about it – and they have thanked me for telling them. So I pass on their thanks too. (3) Are you going on after Pentecost – I hope. If so, I will put a little note in our parish magazine if the editor will let me. (He’d better! He was one of my congregation a few years ago.) God bless you all.

I just found your beautiful guided meditation site. I visited it prepared to think “blech” but was truly impressed and happy with it. Not only is it well designed and attractive, the guided meditation was actually helpful and spiritually helpful. Thank you for that. It was odd: I really visited your site only to see what it was, to see if it was something I should file away for reference. But almost immediately I was drawn into prayer, almost without having to will it. Thank you again. I do hope it continues for many years. I will return often and recommend it to others. It would be very helpful for someone like me who spends more time than he cares to admit in front of the computer. Much of my personal ministry involves the computer for word processing, e-mail, and web research; to bring prayer to this stupid grey box is a blessing. The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Coming across SACRED SPACE (by pure accident) has enriched my working day. I look forward to turning on to this website daily and joining the many thousands who I know are praying along with me. Thank you and Thank GOD for this wonderful experience.
Sri Lanka

I have been reading and praying each day with you since Lent. I discovered you by the Grace of God; I needed and there you were. Stay with us after Pentecost if it is possible. Thank you.
Missouri, USA

Thank you so much for putting prayer on line. It is a great help to me because I live alone and find the presence of this prayer and God’s presence such a comfort. It is a wonderful way to start my day.

Thank you so much for the wonderful Sacred Space. I found this page at a time when I really needed it. A lot of times I try to figure out how things can happen and when it seems that there are no possible solutions, God, praise and glory be to Him, puts everything in place and it’s perfect and beautiful.

The Sacred Space site is wonderful. I just discovered it two days ago. I do hope you make this one of your permanent ministries, extending beyond Pentecost. I will continue to spread the word about Sacred Space. Christ is Risen!
Massachusetts, USA

I wish I had found your website before Lent. It is inspirational and I do hope that it will continue far beyond Pentecost.
Scotland, UK

Your program of pacing us through 5-10 minutes of prayer in front of a computer is fabulous! As a religious Sister who works a full 8-hour day, I really appreciate being able to begin my work-day by linking into your guided prayer session; it helps me to settle down after my commute into the city. I have already alerted my Community to your service. Please continue after Pentecost–this is too great to miss!

I found this space for prayer refreshing and so important. It makes a difference when you know others are praying with you.

Warmest thanks for the Sacred Space. I only discovered it today (Easter Saturday). How I wish I had followed it through Lent! I am an elderly, jaded, only half-believing Catholic, beset with personal and financial problems. I can’t tell you how much light you have brought into my life. I do hope that at Pentecost you will decide to make the site permanent. In fact, I am about to say a prayer that you will! Thank you again.
Manchester, UK

A priest-friend informed me of your website. It’s a blessing! Thank you very much for the efforts and resources you have unselfishly invested for Sacred Space. I will share this with my friends. Everytime I go online, I’ll make it a point to make Sacred Space my first stop. Thank God, there is one website really worth spending my time on. Thank you, Jesuits, for providing an instrument in cyberspace by which we can be in communion with the Lord.
The Philippines

I am 75 years old and have a serious heart problem and last year received the last rites. Thank you for a wonderful site, I look at it about midnight every night! The meditation techniques are excellent. I am telling as many people as possible.
Oxfordshire, UK

I found your site only last week and already I must look at it every day. It is helping me so much to get closer to our Lord. I will add you to my prayer list and hope and pray that you can keep going well past Pentecost.
Cornwall, UK

Like many others who have written before me, I too, want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your beautiful prayer site. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am praying with people from all over the world. What joy! Thank you for continuing Sacred Space until Pentecost.

Thank you so very much! I appreciate what you’re putting out there to help us pray. And I appreciate the challenge to connect you with folks we know who are young and others who may not be churched.
California, USA

They say that if you do something everyday for 21 days it becomes a “habit” and visiting the Sacred Space has become that for me. I hope you do decide to continue after Lent.

Thank you for the beautiful website called Sacred Space. I was thrilled to read that you are planning on keeping the site going after Easter. I will e-mail my friends today about it.

Just want to say thank you for the www prayer site. I have been using it every work day and it is making Lent a very grace filled time for me. I hope you keep it up after Lent is over.

Via The Panama News I was introduced to your prayer program. Thank the Good Lord He directed me in this direction. I have been enjoying, absorbing and learning a lot from your prayers and devotionals. I am passing on your address to my relatives and friends recommending that they contact your sites. It is a source of spiritual inspiration and a way to guide us in our daily lives on our journey toward Eternity. Thanks for all you are doing for so many people around the world.
Republic of Panama

Your website has been an anchor in Lent. Thank you. When I pray I think about all the other people who are using Sacred Space, and join my prayer to theirs, particularly when I pray about global events that need prayer, e.g the bombing of Kosovo. Then, in a little way I don’t feel quite so powerless about trying to alleviate the suffering of others half a planet away from here. When I pray for my own country, then I draw on the prayer of all those praying on Sacred Space to help South Africa which seems to be in the throes of chaos and violence. Thank you, too, for deciding to carry on Sacred Space until Pentecost. It is truly a gift from God.
South Africa

I’ve just tried your prayer web site for the first time, after seeing your address in the Irish Post …. what a splendid idea! Do keep it up.

I want to offer my thanks and a word of encouragement about Sacred Space. Sacred Space has helped me in focusing on prayer, which I have tried to do more of as a spiritual exercise during Lent. Thank you for this gift! I have publicized this to several friends who have done likewise. Please consider continuing this or something similar after Pentecost.

This is to say a big Thankyou to you all for you work in providing ‘Sacred Space’ during Lent. While I have not visited every day, I have very much appreciated being able to dip in at times, and been excited by the obvious potential of computing and the internet for spiritual use. I came across your web site through Christians on the Internet, and have passed it on to others, including my son who is at Bristol University. I am glad you intend to keep this site going for a while at least and pray you feel encouraged and uplifted by your work. Please do keep it going.
Warwickshire, UK

Please do consider keeping the Sacred Space site open. I am in training for the Anglican ministry and it is a great support. A number of the friends I have advertised it to say the same.

I am Orthodox but after my morning prayers I like to go to your site. It is VERY helpful and a blessing! Please go on with it. It’s a way of doing lectio for those who are isolated. There’s no one to pray with around me during the day, so I’m keeping you near. God bless you!
Connecticut, USA

It’s brilliant and raises my spirits every time I log on, which isn’t often enough unfortunately. It’s great when I’m fed up after getting nowhere with an assignment just to know that there is somewhere to go to help. Thanks.

Your site is a wonderful respite in the midst of a busy day. I hope you will consider keeping it going after Lent also.
Colorado, USA

I am taking instruction and will be confirmed and receive communion at the Easter Vigil Mass…..we were given your web site at RCIA on Sunday….it is wonderful!! Thanks and God bless.
California, USA

Thank you so very much for your Sacred Space web site. As I sit here in the early hours of the morning with a mind in turmoil I have found a quiet refuge of peace. I am not particularly religious but easy comfortable thoughts fill my mind. I shall return to your page and greet it as a friend. May God bless you all.
Norfolk, UK

What a great site. I now have you bookmarked for a daily visit. I am a lay worker in a Methodist church in California. I found I connected right away with the format and the thoughts that guided me through the prayer. Thank you for this gift. I have passed on your site to some friends I know will find it meaningful. Glad to hear you are going to consider going on to Pentecost.
California, USA

Thank you for the prayers for lent. They have helped not only myself but many others. Friends and family, people at church and people I work with have eagerly waited for the prayers which I have printed for them a couple of times per week. Please continue with something similar after Easter.
Sheffield, UK

I am a Presbyterian seminary student in Los Angeles. A seminary friend told me about your web site. THANK YOU! I am in a hard couple of years, discerning my call, and I will visit this site often. And I will forward your site to others. How innovative of you to do this for those of us who are so glued to e-mail, and word processing. Many blessings for this creative and needed devotional time.
Los Angeles, California, USA

Please let me join the long line of the ones who spoke before me, thirsty for prayer, and grateful for your reaching out to us. I passed your address to my daughter who is in a confirmation class at college. I also shared it with my RENEW group. I am thrilled and delighted that you plan to continue the site after Lent. Thank you so much for helping us with our journey.
California, USA

Thank you for the prayer site I just stumbled upon. What a gift it is.
Denver, Colorado, USA

Thank you so much for the daily prayer site on the web. I often start my morning at work with you. I then feel God’s presence and peace to carry me through the daily duties. I shared the site with several of my friends here on campus. Thanks and God bless you.

Stumbled onto your site on the eve of the feast of St. Patrick. Wish I had found it sooner! The presentation is most helpful in teaching one how to pray as well as providing the prayer. Please continue on after Lent.
South Carolina, USA

I have found your pages inspiring and helpful in settling my mind during Lent. I hope that you will be able to continue to offer us something similar long after Lent is finished this year.
Renfrewshire, Scotland

Since Lent and Sacred Space began I have been responding to the scripture reading with small drawings in my journal. These images have further deepened my understanding of God’s word and will for my life. I have also found such delight in adding to my prayers the woman in France, and so many others whom I read about. You are providing us all such rich blessings. When are you going to tell us that this site will continue?!
Southern Illinois, USA

I have recently discovered this fine site for prayer and have sent it to many of my former students who are seeking ways to pray and in some instances are learning how to pray for the first time. It is ideal for college students as well as young Wall street workers who don’t mind the reminder that one cannot serve both God and money at the same time. Thank you for making this possible.
Rhode Island, USA

I am very uplifted by your new website. I hope you will keep it up for every day. I work in a busy call centre, I spend several hours each day at the computer and I love to log on to Sacred Space (I have put it on my favourites for ease of access) It only takes a few moments each day to refresh the soul. Please continue after Lent.

I have been following your lenten meditations for weeks now and they have made a true difference in my lenten journey this year. I praise God that you have created that site and I pray that God will bless and keep you.

Thank you for this space for prayer every day. Its been so useful and the only Lent prayer course that I have stuck to. (so far!) It’s not just the scripture readings but the daily guidance that’s been important to me reflecting all my thoughts and feelings that would have stopped me praying and give up in anger. I just finished a week’s guided prayer before Lent and this has made all the difference to a deepening relationship with God. Thanks!

I was given this site by an Episcopal priest friend and have passed it around to a number of other lay and clergy friends as well. Do hope that your efforts will continue after Lent as well!!
Rhode Island, USA

Sacred Space has become an important part of my life during this lent. Thank you for the work which you do to make this link with God possible! I would hope that you would consider making this a year round website. I realize that there is a great deal of work, but I truly believe that it would do so much for so many people.Thank you!
Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

I feel I have already come so far in the few days I have been praying with you. I am a Protestant and a member of my church but your site shows that we are all children of God. Please seriously consider continuing with it beyond Easter.

I read about your Web site in the latest issue of The Irish Voice. How delighted I was to find it!!!! Thanks for creating a sacred space on the often, less-than-sacred Internet. Will this space be open after Lent also? Beannachtaí Dé oraibh.

I note from some of the feedback you have had that a number of people think it would be good if you can continue with the site after Lent. I should like to say that I agree. I’ve let my sisters in Sheffield, UK and Australia know about it. Thank you.
Liverpool UK

Just this week I found your “Sacred Space.” It has been most helpful to me, a returning Catholic, in learning to make prayer a part of my daily life. I would only hope that you continue it after Lent as well. I have passed the word along about this site, however not many of my friends have computers, unfortunately. Do keep up the good work!

AMDG. Same thought struck me a few times as struck a viewer from Louisiana, New Orleans — why not make this a feature for every day of the year? I don’t suppose the good Lord would have any objection! I have spread the good news about it to a number of my friends, and all comments are very positive indeed.
Co. Clare, Ireland

A friend e-mailed me about Sacred Space at the beginning of Lent, and I’ve been connecting to it frequently since. It is a wonderful idea, and I am very thankful to you for it. I appreciate both the format and your selection of Scripture texts.
Syracuse, NY, USA

Thank you for your wonderful Lenten prayer which I fnind so helpful. Well done to all.
Cork, Ireland

I am writing to say how much I appreciate the Lent prayers in Sacred Space. I am self-employed, single and work on my own at home a great deal, and have found that using the internet as a way of praying and reflecting brings a sense of community which isn’t there otherwise. I’ve spread the word around. I hope you will consider continuing Sacred Space beyond Lent, in some sort of form.
London, UK

Wanted to let you guys know – your page is great. I stumbled onto it looking for something else entirely, and wow, what luck! I’ve already passed on the info to a couple family members.
South Carolina, USA

I have passed this web site to so many of my friends, we are all trying to continue our hope and trust in our Christ. I would hope that this site for prayer could be for everyday, even when Lent is over.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Thank you for Sacred Space. I use the time just before retiring at night as I have no time at all during the day to be really quiet. Thanks to your site I went to Mass for the first time on the Second Sunday of Lent since my baby daughter died last year. The meditation on the Word of God has helped me realise that I need not be afraid of resuming my regular participation in church activities. Most of all it has made me aware of the presence of God. Thank you again.

I am a stay-at-home Mom living in a Native Alaskan village, 35 miles above the Arctic Circle. This tends to make life quite isolating. This site is truly a light in the darkness. It has helped alleviate the feelings of isolation as well as helping me to stay motivated about having some devotional time in my day.