Is there one Christian spirituality or many?

I may be so moved by the compassion I see at work in the person and ministry of Jesus that compassion becomes the cornerstone of my spirituality. My whole life becomes an expression of the compassion that flows through me. It affects all my decision-making. You, on the other hand, may be captivated and challenged by the story of the rich young man. Because of this particular resonance you embrace a spirituality of radical simplicity. You model your life on that of the poor Jesus, who ‘emptied himself, taking the form of a slave’ (Phil. 2:7). The fact that we have different responses to the Gospel does not mean that either of us is living more authentically than the other. However, each of us is choosing – or has been chosen! – to live the one Christian spirituality in a particular way and with a distinctive emphasis.

Excerpted from God Ever Greater: Exploring Ignatian Spirituality by Brian O’Leary SJ (p.25)