Jesuits, Spirituality, Religion

God has a vision for the world. Each person, says Ignatius, plays an essential and unique role in the implementation of that vision. Unlike substitutes in a rugby game, no one else can play our part in the distinctive way that only we can. We may not be certain what our role is, but it’s got a lot to do with our temperament and personality. All God wants is for us to reflect on who we are, on what gives us life, on what we are good at, in which direction we’re travelling and how. Our own circumstances determine how best we can contribute to the world. Ignatius again reminds us to reflect from time to time, following the guidelines he gives us for discernment of spirits, decision-making and the Examen prayer.

Excerpted from Reimagining Religion: A Jesuit Vision by Jim Maher SJ (p.108)