The God of Galaxies, Glow Worms and Grace

We are part of the unfathomable weave of the universe, immersed in its deep mystery. Its dance has already begun: it has always been in process. Each of us has a role in it. Jesus and his Father are working (Jn 4:34) for the good of all creation and we can tune in to their signals and do likewise. Thomas Merton says that every moment and every event in every person’s life plants seeds of spiritual vitality in their hearts. This is the divine at work on Earth: this is grace and grace is everywhere. All is sacred and so are we. We must not desecrate our Common Home. We belong to the great Creation Story, to a whole that is infinitely greater than ourselves. We are called even now to share with all of Creation ‘in the freedom of the children of God’ (Rom 8:21).

So let’s put on our dancing shoes and learn the steps of the cosmic dance!

Excerpted from Creation Walk: The Amazing Story of a Small Blue Planet by Brian Grogan SJ (pp. 90-91)