Visiting and Sharing at Christmas

We hardly realise what we take in, as we in our own way take steps to visit other people’s houses: those of friends and family, those of strangers and neighbours, those of fellow church-goers and maybe those of other faiths with whom we have come to share the main celebrations of our respective religions.  As we knock on the door, or ring the bell, with maybe a present or greeting card to hand, perhaps we could spare a thought for this meeting of Mary and Elizabeth: the absence of jealousy, the genuine joy of playing some part together in the mystery of God’s amazing plan, the chance to share with a smile and excitement and, yes, a blessing, with someone else whose life at that moment is crossing ours. We may not have much to give, but as we will all recall from the last verse of the Christmas carol, ‘In the bleak mid-winter’, it is our heart that is the greatest treasure, and that we can give to the Christ-child by sharing what we have with others.

Excerpted from Journeying to the Light: Daily Readings through Advent and Christmas by John Mann (p.67)