Watch and Pray

If we don’t make the effort to renew our love for God daily, we will become more and more lukewarm. And the more we sink into the slumber of mediocrity, the more fearful we will be of meeting Jesus on the way of the Cross. We need the vigilance of prayer to regain our spiritual consciousness. Prayer rouses us from the triviality of an existence that is centred upon ourselves. Prayer reminds us that we cannot dream our way to the truth and in the process, prayer gives us the courage to fight the good fight and finish the race.

Father, I’d love for you to find me fully awake. But so often I’m drowsy and discouraged, a mixture of good intentions and constant distractions. Take me as I am Lord, but don’t let me stay as I am. Raise me above my mediocrity and make of me everything that you want me to be.

Excerpted from The Mindful Our Father  by Thomas G Casey SJ (p.120)