You Are For Me

Lord, you want our world to be a safe and friendly place in which we can grow to our fullness. Although we mess up both ourselves and our fragile world, you’re always at work for our good. You restore and re-create what we spoil: that must keep you busy! What is to come will reveal the fullness of your loving: it won’t be a sorting out of the bad from the good – it doesn’t take a god to do that – but against all the odds, the winning over of the bad. ‘When everything is said and done, we are infinitely loved.’ Such a brave statement in face of violence, hatred, wars, murders and betrayals of every sort – all the bad stuff of our daily news. This teaches me to be patient with myself, with others, and with all institutions, including the Church.

Excerpted from I Am Infinitely Loved: A Month of Meditations by Brian Grogan SJ (P.28)