‘Aha!’ Moments

Jesus, help me to continue to track your disguises so that I may be alert to the endless ways you are present to me. I don’t want to miss you as you pass by. You stripped yourself of divine glory in becoming just like us, so it took a huge leap of faith for people to identify you and say, ‘Look, there goes the Son of God!.’ And then came your Passion. Your disguise was now complete. Your enemies said, ‘Come down from that Cross, then we’ll believe your claims’. But you didn’t. You kept your disguise. If you were God, then it seemed that God was dead.

But then you rose from the dead, only to disguise yourself again – as the gardener, as the traveller on Emmaus Road, as the visitor who asked for something to eat, as the figure standing on the lake shore at dawn. You gave hints: your message of peace, your forgiveness, your special way of breaking bread, your wounds – these helped doubting disciples, each in their own time, to reach their ‘Aha!’ moment. Is such slow revelation a kindness for us who cannot bear too much reality?

Excerpted from I Am Infinitely Loved: A Month of Meditations by Brian Grogan SJ (p.56)