About Meg & Michael

Wedding photography is an elusive art. Trying to capture its many colors, nuances and facets is like watercoloring. Too many brushstrokes and the painting is overworked. Each wedding unfolds its own unique way. These are not cookie cutter events. Our talent is participating with an open spirit. Having completed over 900 weddings, we're confident about our technical settings so we focus on the emotional bloom. We stalk the tingly moments of fun with the challenge of capturing images that you want to see. You'll see behind the scenes of who sat with whom and visually witness all the fun. With two photographers you'll get more shots.

We capture both action and reaction of key moments. Our easygoing presence blends into the authentic flow. That's why our best shots are the candid ones. Most guests don't even notice they're being captured unless we ask them to look at us. "Did you get any pictures at the reception?" is a frequent question we're asked.

We'll take 800-1000 shots at a wedding and have yet to hear that we took too many. Often, the reception is ending and suddenly a wild dance ensures. A wedding can't be staged over and over again so it's crucial to have seasoned professionals anticipate the action. Once it's over, that's it. The honeymoon sizzles, the relatives fly home and all that physically remains are those precious photos.

We support you on your wedding day. You will never see us strong-arm you two away from your guests to get some hokey shot. We cover the formal portraits quickly always reminding you to breathe. Then you go back to being main-stage as we blend into the background.

Your wedding is your personal history. We imagine your grandchildren seeing our photos. All the while we'll make it easy and fun so you can enjoy the swirl without the fussiness.

Trust us with your memories. 




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