Keith and Brian

Fogarty Winery Woodside, CA

Hey Michael and Meg.

We just can't stop looking at the pictures today, and have been sending the link to your site and blog to everyone who attended the wedding.  Your words and pictures are so beautiful and breathtaking. . .we just keep getting washed over with waves of love and support everywhere we's all been profound, transformative, transcendent, and significant for us to be able to introduce each other as "this is my husband" instead of "this is my partner."  The words really do matter, and there is a huge difference between the two.
We know you're working hard, but please do rest and relax and enjoy the journey of life along  the way.  We can be very patient for the photos, and can't wait to see them all when you're ready. ..and neither can any of our guests.
You are all a blessing and joy in our lives, and we hope this isn't the last opportunity to sit down with you in our lives.. .you mean more to us than just being our photographers for our wedding.  The connection is timeless and meaningful for us.
It was divine intervention that brought you in to our lives and our sphere of love, and we hope to keep it that way over the years.

Love and Huge Hugs to you All.   Brian and Keith






Sarina and Erik Beges




Sarina and Erik Beges

Clos la Chance Winery San Martin, CA

Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous!!!!  I just spent the past two hours looking through the slideshow, Erik is out unfortunately but I could not wait.  The both of you did a magnificent job capturing the beauty of our special day and we are so glad you were there to share in the experience with us.  I wanted to see if we could have a quick call this week as I want to discuss the advantages of the 4x6 vs. the proof book.  In addition, I have a couple more questions.  My schedule is pretty flexible and it would probably only take a few minutes or so.  Let me know your availability and thank you again for allowing us to relive our wedding day through your beautiful artwork.







Cristina and Brian


 Christina and Mike Jordan

 Valley Presbyterian Church Portola Valley, CA  Pacific Athletic Club Redwood Shores, CA

 Hi Michael and Meg!

I hope you both are doing wonderful!  Brian and I got back from our honeymoon last week. It was awesome and we had a fantastic time.  It was great to relax and enjoy the time together.

We can't thank you enough for being the photographers at our wedding.  We got so many compliments on how well all of you blended in to the scene, but were also right there to get all the great shots.  We loved how Michael was up on the step ladder taking overhead shots of the dancing.  Now...thats what i call an AWESOME photographer.  We will be writing you a letter of recommendation.  Also, if you ever have potential clients that would like to speak to someone on the phone, I will be more than happy to give my highest recommendation for each of you!!!!  I can be reached at 650.303.1705. Anyone who gets to have you as their photographers, is truly FORTUNATE!!!!

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!








Stacey and Mike Chase

Clos la Chance Winery  San Martin, CA

WOW!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! These are the most amazing pictures!  We are soooooo HAPPY!!!  We were exhausted from a long weekend of being out in the sun playing but it didn't matter how tired we were, when I opened my email and saw this I woke up and couldn't wait to look at them all.  So two and a half hours later we were finished and it was 11:30 pm but we loved every second of it!
I just wanted to say we really enjoyed working with you!  You were very professional and I love how you take pride in your work and you are so passionate about what you do.  You made us feel so comfortable and you can see that in the pictures.  You really connected with us and tapped into who we are... silly and happy and in love lol!!  :)
So now can you please remind me what the difference between the image catalog or 4X6 prints.  It's been so long since we discussed it I forgot what the difference was.
Also I guess our next order of business is to figure out what pictures to use for the album (I believe we selected the magazine style).  How does that work?  How many are we supposed to choose?
Thanks again to you both, we will be recommending you to everyone we know!!!!  It was truly a pleasure!









 Barbara and Alan Martin

Mountain Winery  Saratoga, CA

 I was just looking at our wedding pictures again and I can't thank you
enough and tell you how much I love them. Every time I look at them (and I
think it's about 100 times by now) it just takes me right back to that day
and I can relive every memory. I could just look at them every day.

I have referred a few people I know to consider you for their wedding and
urged them to contact you.  If we can help in any way as a reference or
anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks again and hope to see you both soon.

Hugs to you both!



 Stephanie and John Scott

Villa Montalvo  Saratoga, CA

You were/are definitely our favorite "vendors" as far as the wedding goes. From service to product, you both are fantastic. John and Irealize that we need to start working on our album. There are so many good photos it will be tough decision-time, so maybe that is why we have been putting it off!




Shauna and Frankie Brennan

Stanford Faculty Club Palo Alto, CA

 Again, thank you for making our wedding day one that we can always remember with those beautiful pictures. I could not have asked for more professional or sincere photographers if I had tried. It was truly meant to be.






Shan and Eric Lin

Stanford Memorial Church  Stanford Faculty Club Palo Alto, CA


This is a little belated, but Eric and I never had a chance to really say thank you for all that you did for us on our wedding day. You guys went above and beyond to make the day special for us... Thank you for not just the beautiful pictures you took for us... but for your words of encouragement, your reminders to breathe and enjoy the moment, and your uncanny ability to always do and say the right things to help us get through the day. You were also a big hit among our wedding party!







Janet and Robert Sandberg

Menlo Presbyterian Church Menlo Park, CA Holbrook Palmer Park Redwood City, CA

Dear Meg and Michael
The photos are beautiful! We just love them! It was so wonderful working with you both. We have really enjoyed our time together. We keep raving about our photos and will recommend you every chance we get!









Lynn and Dennis Huang

Los Gatos Opera House Los Gatos CA

Hey there! I am completely overwhelmed! You guys did not miss a beat! These are SO GREAT - Words cannot describe how much Dennis and I appreciate your hardwork and clearly, you guys worked really hard! Our family and friends are still talking about the wedding and how amazing they thought you guys were especially. My brothers both said "your photographers were going crazy with their cameras". We had an awesome wedding day and are so happy that you were a part of it. We look forward to getting our proof book and then ordering our album and photos. Much thanks to you both for your tremendous job.












Doreen and Drew Lunsford

Stanford Memorial Church Palo Alto,CA  Michael's at Shoreline Mt. View, CA

Let's talk about the pictures...I can't believe how many pictures you took....and they are all fabulous! I didn't even realize you were taking them most of the time! We had a day we'll never forget and to have so many awesome pictures to look back on is captured so many things which made the whole day so special. Our family and friends have done nothing but compliment your work. I look forward to the final product.










Sylvia and Frederick Ronnau

Stanford Memorial Church Palo Alto, CA Stanford Faculty Club Palo Alto, CA

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos. What memories we will have! I apologize for not writing sooner, but I have been miserably preparing for the Bar exam. I must say that the photos are truly beautiful and the artistry is exceptional. Thanks for the beautiful work and being patient with me on my wedding day with the technical difficulties and all. ;)
















Chrissy and Jeff Pavlovitch

Cinnabar Hills Country Club  San Jose, CA

The pictures are gorgeous :) I love all of them, it will be hard to pick and choose!!








 Beth and Chad Smith

Stanford Memorial Church Palo Alto, CA  Marine's Memorial Club San Francisco, CA

Hi Meg and Michael!!!
We have both been to the website and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Yes, you were right - it was worth the wait!!! I am starting to send the link onto family and friends.      

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I can't tell you the number of people who have told me my pictures are the best and most unique pictures they have seen. I know I'm biased but I would have to agree!! :-) Thanks again. I could not be happier with the pictures!!!









Jenny and Mike Cohn

Kohl Mansion Burlingame, CA

Dear Meg and Michael,
Mike and I just got back from NY last night (brief business trip/vacation), and received the email allowing us to view our wedding photos. They are just BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much; we absolutely love them!  



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